Messaging in HIPAA compliant centers

doctor using a tabletA lot of firms all over the globe have tended to inculcate the improvement of technology to better their management and running of events. The one thing in the past that really called for improvement was the sector of communication in an organization. Communication is one sector that needs to be efficient so that convenience is realized and time is not wasted. Health centers have not however been left out. Health centers especially those that are HIPAA compliant has sought to embrace the use of cell phone messaging in their centers for ease of communication. This embrace has however not relay occurred well with HIPAA compliant health centers. The idea of security of details really makes it a risky one to deal with. In a health center of course whatever is being communicated is the record of a patient’s health and other factors relating to their health. With this forms of messaging there is absolutely no confidence in their privacy but HIPAA compliant texting is able to ensure the safety of correspondence. For example, the physician could send the message, and it accidentally gets to the wrong person. Their cell phones as well could get an external access and the result is that issues about the patients and their health are made public something which is not logically good.

What are the problems that are caused by cell phone messaging in health centers?
There are several setbacks that come along with this service of communication, and the following are some of the problems that are evident:
The first one that automatically surfaces is the sense of privacy. How has the issue of privacy of client been catered for? There’s definitely less effort that has been made to ensure that the details of the clients do not seep out into the knowledge of undue individuals. There is a possibility of a wrong person receiving it accidentally. There are people as well who do it as their business to hack messages and access the kind of information being communicated. The physicians are also human and what this can translate into is that they could forget other individuals could read their cells about and the information.

How is this method of communication within health centers economical as well?

The amount of money used for the success of this service as well is very alarming. There was a research that was conducted in HIPAA compliant health centers and it stated that nurses uses at least sixty minutes every working day on phone messaging. This is amazingly alarming considering the amount of health centers around the state and the equivalent money used on phone. This should be up for consideration therefore because there are other several communication channels that are less expensive.